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Guitar Rentals  and Sales in Yuba City and Marysville, Ca

$20-25 per Month - Beginner Guitar Rental
$25-30 per Month - Intermediate Guitar Rental
No Credit Check if Taking Lessons with Us

Guitar Rental Benefits, Cost, Policies and FAQs:

Benefits of Our Rental Program
Your Investment Cost
For Parents Only
Frequently Asked Questions
Guitar Selection

Our  program provides you with a quality instrument while you earn credit towards your own instrument. The instruments are set-up and maintained to high standards, with professional quality strings. Guitar experts, including teachers, musicians and guitar makers helped us develop this program, to enhance the educational experience of:

  • Teachers who want to concentrate on the student and music, not problems with the instrument, during a lesson.
  • Students who learn better with a well set-up, rich toned instrument, especially at the beginning of their musical education.
  • Parents who appreciate hassle-free instruments that satisfy the most particular teacher without return trips to the dealer for corrections of problems.

Ask yourself how many children or adult beginners have had their love of music damaged by poor quality instruments?

Conventional Wisdom says: “I’ll start her on a cheap instrument for now and get something better if she is serious”

People in the Know say: "If I want her to have a fair chance at getting serious she needs an instrument that encourages her, not one that disheartens her."

To rent an instrument, you need be 18 or older, with a major credit card valid for the entire time of the contract and a current driver’s license.

Benefits of Our Rental Program

Fine Rental Inventory: You will receive a fine quality instrument, with strap, case, and picks.

Equity Purchase Plan: 50% of rental payments accrue towards the future purchase of an instrument.

Fine Purchase Inventory: You may purchase from a large selection of fine instruments in a range of prices. You are not limited to the instrument you are renting.

Flexible Payment: You may pay every 1,3, 5, or 10 months. Each longer rental period gets greater discounts.

Reserve an Instrument: You can reserve an instrument to make sure it will be available when you want it. Simply pay now for 5 or 10 month contract to reserve the instrument you want. Your contract will start when you pick the instrument up, or have it shipped to you, up to two months later.

Graduated Sizes: When your child outgrows an instrument, they move up in size for no cost beyond increases in rental fee based on the size of the instrument.

Refunds: If you need to return the instrument early, we will prorate fees and make appropriate refunds.

Insurance: All instruments have zero-deductible coverage against damage or loss, except for string breakage.

Your Investment Cost



1 Month

3 Months

5 Months

10 Months

Beginning Guitar





Intermediate Guitar





Small instruments are those up to one-half size. Large instruments are three-quarters to full size. Zero-deductible insurance included in these prices. Sales tax not included.

For Parents Only

We care about YOUR CHILD:

They enjoy being treated like grown-ups and receive the same respect, care, and attention as our adult, professional clients. If needed, we have a database of private teachers to provide you with free referrals

We care about YOUR INVESTMENT:

Our reputation is built on providing excellent value for money, and we believe this program to be the finest of its type. Every instrument or bow you purchase from us may be traded-up later for a finer one. If you trade-up an instrument of bow that you purchase using rental credit, the trade-up value is 100% (rental credit plus cash paid.)

We care about YOUR TIME:

We try to accommodate busy parents and keep visits here to a minimum. In case of emergency repairs we will try to do it while you wait or provide you with another instrument. The studio is always open one evening during the week and Saturday mornings.


Why are your prices more than some other renters?

What is reserving an instrument?

How do I use the rental credit to buy an instrument?

I never bought an instrument. How do I start looking?

But what if I need a better instrument in a few years?

What does the insurance cover?

What about broken strings?

How do I know what size instrument to choose?

May I ask question you did not answer?

Please add me to your e-mail announcement list

Why are your prices more than other renters?

Because you get a much better instrument while you build equity towards owning your own instrument: 50% of your rental credit applies towards a purchase. Furthermore, if one day you want to trade-in an instrument purchased with rental credit, you will receive a 50% trade-up value (rental credit plus cash paid). Many of our current clients rented elsewhere for a low price and are with us today because the other programs had no provision for building equity. If you do not ever want to own an instrument, the only reason to rent with us is for the quality. If you are concerned about price more than ownership and quality, this program is not for you.

What is reserving an instrument?

If you don’t need an instrument for the summer, but want to be sure it will be there for the start of school, you may reserve it. Simply pay for a 5 or ten month contract now, and specify the date you want to pick it up or have it shipped to you (up to two months later). We will guarantee your instrument, and your contract will not begin until the date you specify. In case of cancellations, your charges will be prorated from the date of the reservation.

How do I use the rental credit to buy an instrument or trade-up later?

The credit may be used to buy instruments we have for sale. You may pay half of the price with rental credit.

Example #1: Mrs. Black has $150 in rental credit. She wants to buy a $300 instrument. She pays only $150 as her credit is exactly 50% of the sale price and is fully deducted from the sale price.

Example #2: Mr. Kelly bought a $200 instrument with $100 rental credit and $100 cash. He wants to trade-up to a $300. instrument. His trade-in value is $200.

When deciding how to use the rental credit, most people decide how fine an instrument they want to buy using the rental credit, and then continue until they have about half the cost of that instrument in rental credit.

I never bought an instrument. How do I start looking?

Many people are uneasy because they have never purchased an instrument and don’t know how to proceed. A lot of our Long Island clients are first-time buyers of instruments and we enjoy making this experience a pleasant adventure.

First of all, if you are renting you can relax; most of our clients rent for about 3 years before they decide to purchase an instrument. However, when you purchase is entirely up to you. As a beginner progresses you get an idea, with the help of the teacher, how fine an instrument you will eventually need. Additionally, you are always welcome to come in and try instruments out. This will help you get an idea what you will need. Call us for an appointment to try some instruments whenever you like- there is never any obligation or pressure. During your visit, our knowledge and experience will be at your disposal to answer any questions you may have. You may take our several instruments and show them to your teacher if you need help deciding which one you want.

But what if I need a better instrument in a few years?

No problem. We always credit 50% of what you paid for an instrument towards a trade-up. For example, if you buy a $200 instrument with $100 rental credit and $100 cash, your trade in value is $200.

Some parents express a wish to get an instrument that will serve their child for a long time, through high school, college, or longer. This approach causes unnecessary anxiety by placing burdens. A more useful rule of thumb is that the instrument should be good enough to exceed the players’ musical ability for 3 years, a long time in the life of a child.

When you hear your child playing the guitar better than you yourself can, that priceless gift will make all the expense of lessons and instruments cheap at the price.

What does the insurance cover?

Most of the losses that occur to rental instruments are wear and tear: bridges break, the sides of the instrument become unglued, fingerboards loosen or fall off, sound posts fall down, there is cosmetic damage to the varnish. These losses are covered fully..

Very infrequently there is a case of severe loss or damage: an instrument is stolen or destroyed, a neck is broken out of the body, or an accident causes large cracks in the body or scroll. This is covered fully.

What about broken strings?

Strings are not covered by insurance and are your responsibility. We put new stings on our instruments yearly and they ought to last the length of the contract, yet sometimes things do not go as planned. If a string breaks and you replace a broken string with an inferior “free” one from a teacher or one that you buy at a music store, your rented instrument will not sound as well as it should. If you have a broken string, we recommend that you bring the instrument to us so we can replace it with a string of equal quality. The reason our instruments sound so well is that we put professional quality strings on them. Incidentally, our string prices are heavily discounted.

How do I know what size guitar to choose?

Persons under five feet in height usually need a fractional size, and over five feet a full (4/4) size. For a child, ask their teacher what size they prefer, as this is also a matter of taste. The following chart will give you an idea: using a yardstick, measure between the neck and the center of the palm. When in doubt, always choose the smaller size.

Up to 17 1/2"   1/8 size
Up to 18 3/4"   1/4 size
Up to 20 1/4"   1/2 size
Up to 22 1/8"   3/4 size
23 1/2" and over   4/4 size

May I ask a question you did not answer?

Please contact us and you will receive a response promptly.


We send out informative e-mails from time to time. Would you like to receive e-mail about sales, new and interesting merchandise, and special discount offers available at the Long Island Guitar Shop? What about announcements of local concerts, special events, and educational opportunities that may be of interest to you? If so, please contact us and check the add to eNewsletter box.

Rental Agreement Overview

You must be 21 years old to rent an instrument for yourself or another person. To rent more than one instrument, complete one contract and follow instructions to repeat the process.

Instrument Rental Agreement

The minimum, non-refundable rental period is one month beginning on the first or fifteenth of each month. Refunds for longer periods will be allowed and will reflect the rate of the period used. Payment is due at the beginning of each rental period. Instruments may be reserved by selecting a 5 or 10 month contract. The contract will not begin until the date you specify (up to two months from today). In case of cancellations, you will be charged, prorated from the date of the reservation.

A credit card number valid past the renewal date and a Driver’s License number will be required. Renewals will automatically be charged to your credit card unless the instrument is returned prior to the renewal date. You will be charged a minimum of one month rent for any return past the due date. You may continue to rent and renew your contract as long as you like, but we reserve the right of refusal to renew a contract.

The rental fees (not including insurance) of each contract or renewal will accrue to the purchase of an instrument. You may pay half (50%) of the purchase price of a new instrument with rental credit. The instrument you are renting is not for sale, and credit may not be combined or transferred. Rental credit will accrue so long as the contract is renewed within 3 months of the last completed contract, after which time it will be forfeited.

The instruments are insured with zero-deductible, full-coverage. All repairs and adjustments must be done by us, if you do otherwise you will nullify the insurance coverage. You must notify us immediately of any damage or loss, which must be repaired or replaced by us; substitutions will not be allowed. Broken strings are your responsibility. They are not insured and while it is not required, we recommend that you bring the instrument to us so we can replace them with strings of equal quality.

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